Events at Rudy’s

Rudy’s Thirty-Two Beer Salute

Sat. July 25th, 5-8p, $30


This will be a casual tasting of some glorious beers from around the world! We will be sampling from a selection of about 32 beers from all across the beer spectrum. The beer knowledge of our distributers will make this the perfect night to find some new beers to love. A 10% discount will apply to all beer purchased the evening of the class. We will provide appetizers to act as “absorption material,” but you need to be responsible for your own safe transportation home. Taxis will be available upon request. Sign up now!



How to Enjoy Wine

Fri. July 10th, 6-8p, $40

With Jeff Moore-Amphora Wine Company

Tasting and drinking wine are passions many people all over the world enjoy. Learning to

taste and enjoy wine is exactly what this class is about. Learn to fine-tune your senses, sight, smell, taste and feel. Have a better understanding of wine verbiage and see how easy it is to be a good wine taster. What better way to learn about wine than to taste it. You will enjoy a selection of 5 wines and an array of appetizers to enhance the flavor of the wine and cleanse your palate.


Jeff Moore discovered a passion for wine while working at various restaurants after college. Accruing enough post-college experience in the ‘biz, Moore was able to help open a couple restaurants in the Boise, Idaho area. But when Moore discovered a budding passion for Pinot Noir, he set off for its American heartland, Portland, Oregon. Once in Portland, Moore became Wine Director for Wildwood Restaurant, where he managed the wine list for seven years. With years of experience within the industry, Moore is moving back to Boise to open up his own restaurant. Moore is certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers and is an active participant in the Pebble Beach Food & Wine festival, as well as the International Pinot Noir Celebration (of course). In April 2011 Jeff became Wine Director at Chandlers in Boise and continues to manage the wine list there. In 2013 he ventured out to become the owner of Amphora Wine Company.