Events at Rudy’s

  • Fermentation 101 (Pickles, Kraut & Kombucha)
    Sat. Oct. 1st, 6-8p with Mary Korte
    Learn how to naturally and safely preserve foods thru lacto fermentation. You’ll also learn the advantages beyond preservation, like vitamin and enzyme levels, digestibility of fermented foods and beneficial bacteria commonly known as probiotics.

    Mary Korte became interested in cooking at an early age, serving up complete meals when she was 9. As an adult her interest in food grew beyond combining flavors into learning about the deep nourishment that comes from eating whole, real foods. Desiring to find the best way to feed her family, she explored a variety of eating modes from raw vegan to paleo and beyond. Her conclusion; real food made from nutrient dense, clean, fresh ingredients is one of the true keys to good health. Learning to cook with alternative ingredients after discovering gluten intolerance has been a good challenge. She taught herself to ferment foods after she learned how important they are when her son had to be on antibiotics. Her love of good food is matched by her passion to share what she has learned through teaching.
    Rudy’s Thirty-Two Beer Salute
    Sat. October 15th, 5-8p, $30
    This will be a casual tasting of some glorious beers from around the world! We will be sampling from a selection of about 32 beers from all across the beer spectrum. The beer knowledge of our distributers will make this the perfect night to find some new beers to love. A 10% discount will apply to all beer purchased the evening of the class. We will provide appetizers to act as "absorption material," but you need to be responsible for your own safe transportation home. Taxis will be available upon request. Sign up now!
    Stock Your Cellar *Holiday Wine Tasting*
    Saturday Nov. 12th, 5-8p. $35
    Rudy’s stock your cellar wine tastings are a fun, easy way to explore new wines while enjoying the irresistible charm of some of our favorite distributers.

    This flight of 18 to 21 wines will represent specialty wineries and will vary in price, with a total value of almost $1,000. A 10% discount will apply to all wines purchased the evening of the class and you'll go home with a Riedel wine glass of your very own.