Rudy’s Wine and Book Club

Wine Between the Lines

Book Club is BACK!

Rudy’s Wine and Book Club

Rudy’s book and wine club in Twin Falls debuted in February 2016, with 19 attendees discussing “Chocolat” by Joanne Harris, while enjoying French food and wine! Since then we have read fiction, memoirs, historical fiction, nonfiction, mysteries and young adult novels. Each month, there is much laughter, sometimes tears, and always, many, many thought-provoking comments and opinions.

We don’t always agree-which is how we like it-and there is rarely a dull moment!

Now, each month (with the exception of November and December), 27 men and women gather at our book and wine club in Twin Falls to sip and savor delicious wines & tasty small plates and discuss the current book selection.

We would love to have you join us!

Call the store 208-733-5477 and ask how you can be a part of “Wines Between the Lines!”


Judi Baxter, facilitator for Wines Between the Lines, owned a bookstore in Downtown Twin Falls from 1978-1992. The idea for our Twin Falls book and wine club came out of her life-long love of reading. Now, with the book club, she is able to share her love of books and wine with fellow readers—it doesn’t get much better!