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You may request to cancel your ticket for a full refund, up to 5 days prior to the event date. Please contact us to request a cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions - Classes

Is there a fee and do I need to pre-register?

There is a fee for most of our cooking classes in Twin Falls, which is determined by the menu, type of class and instructor. You will need to pre-register for the cooking classes. Just stop by the store, or call 208-733-5477 during business hours and we will get you signed up.

What time should I arrive for class?

We recommend arriving approximately 15 to 20 minutes prior to class.

Should I have dinner before attending class or will we be eating there?

In most cases you will be eating here; but depending on the class it may be 30 to 60 minutes or longer before the first item is served. If this is later than you normally eat, we recommend having a lite bite before class to tide you over. For our cooking classes in Twin Falls with one menu item, such as hands-on pie class, we’d suggest eating before you attend.

Can I bring a child or teenager to class with me?

Occasionally, we offer classes for kids and teens, as well as some for parents and children (Little Chef & Me). In a regular class, students must be at least 16 years old to attend and 21 to consume wine or beer.

I need to cancel my registration. What options do I have?

If it is prior to 48 hours before the class starts, please call during regular business hours and we can help you obtain a gift card credit towards another class or offer you a refund. We are unable to offer credits or refunds for a class cancellation that is within 48 hours of the class, as the instructor will have already purchased ingredients on your behalf. If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to send someone in your place; please call ahead of time to let us know.


Frequently Asked Questions - Events

Is there a fee and do I need to register?

Each of our events and culinary lessons in Twin Falls is different. We try our best to clearly state which events need pre-registration and payment. Please call if you have any questions 208-733-5477. 

Can my designated driver attend a wine or beer tasting with me?

For most of our tasting events, we welcome your DD to join you for the evening. However, if it is a sit down event, they will need to leave and pick you up later. If you are attending one of our cooking classes in Twin Falls or an event and need a DD, we are happy to call a taxi for you.